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Service Providers

Why Join Us?
Why Not...Actually we give you great reasons to be a part of our organization and hope you sign up soon. Read below for the answer to the Why Join Us question.

Well certainly no money, that is why it's called a donation. However, as you donate in your community the word gets out about how generous you are and people will want to support your company. The family that you care for will become a HUGE advocate for your business because they want you to be successful and they will tell friends, hospital staff, other patients and family all about the time you have donated to them and how grateful they are for your service. You can not spend MONEY and know that it will impact people the same way that donating a free cleaning to a family in need will. If that is not enough the joy of knowing that a family has been helped and that you have made a true difference in the life of a child and parent. That your time will be forever appreciated by this family. Your community, family and staff will be thankful for your service which in turn will come back to you triple fold.
We will help you spread the news in your area about your volunteerism and as we get a patient will pass the information to you. We are listed on Facebook as well as the website and we can help you get the news out about your business as well. You are not required to any type of Deep clean, just clean the best way you can to help that family. We can provide a check list that is helpful for the family. We also do not charge any fee to be a part of our network you are doing enough by giving of your time and talent.


We are thrilled you want to help and know this will be such a life
changing experience for you and the families you care for. In order to participate you are asked to commit to a cleaning every 2-3 weeks for 2 months with a total of 4 cleanings per family. This will give the family a chance to rest from all the stresses involved when caring for a sick child. We would love if you could take more than one family at a time but understand that your business may not allow for that. We do not ask for any pledge or membership fee to partner with us. Thank you again for your willingness to
help others.

Service Provider

If you would like to be a service provider please fill out the form and someone will contact you with in 24 hours to finalize the details. We will need a Certificate of Insurance faxed back to us. 1-904-527-8775

Contact Name:
Business Name
Address Street
Zip Code: (5 digits)
Daytime Phone:
How many homes can you accept:
When can you begin:
Do you require background checks on employees:
Are you licensed and insured:
I will commit to providing 4 cleanings every 2-3 weeks per family

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