Cleaning With A Meaning
Caring For Families One Home at a Time


We are a not for profit , assisting in FREE house cleanings for families with children diagnosed with a serious illness or accident. The cleanings are donated by licensed and insured cleaning service companies in their local areas. We find families through requests, churches, hospitals and other non profit organizations that provide support to these families. Please consider joining today so together we can start caring for a family in your area. There are no fees or member dues required. This is all volunteer driven and if you know a family in need please share our foundation with them. We are in the process of applying for our 501c3 Tax id #27-2098126 and expect approval mid year.

We also know that there are tons of people that can benefit from this type of service but we currently focus on families with children. However, because we are a not for profit if we get a request that is outside our service guidelines we are happy to work on finding an organization that can help. Please note that all of this is donated and volunteer based and occasionally we are not able to do so. Our wish is that if there is a need we will have a solution so your support and sharing is vital.

Blessings and Hugs
We take care of your home so you can take care of your family!


Here is how the process works

  • You must have a child diagnosed with a serious illness or disability under the age of 21  
  • The child must live in the same home that is being cleaned
  • We must have a Patient Validation form on file before service is scheduled. This will be faxed or emailed back- Fax 904-527-8775
  • On occasion we make an exception and provide service to a family member (mother or father only) that are the parents of a child under age 16 that has been diagnosed with a serious illness
  • It may take a couple weeks to find a provider if we do not currently have one
  • If we do not have a location serving you our volunteers will find one. Please submit your information
  • We can not accept any request unless the form is completed in its entirety
  • We will email you a Patient Agreement and once it is filled out you will be accepted.
  • There is no cost to you


Here is what we need to add you as a provider

  • You are asked to donate service every other week for two months per patient. A total of 4 cleanings (optional discounted service for future cleanings)
  • You must have a certificate of insurance on file
  • Your name will be listed on the Locations page, Facebook, Twitter and a media release will be given for your area
  • You are expected to contact the patient with in 5 days of receiving a request
  • You must be licensed and insured
  • We do need the Provider form completed prior to to being added to our list
  • We will do our best to encourage families in your area to support your service so that you may continue to provide help in your community.
  • We want to be you business advocate for all that you do
  • THERE IS NO FEE OR MEMBERSHIP DUES Your service is enough for us


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