Cleaning With A Meaning
Caring For Families One Home at a Time

Our Story


We could write a book of how this all began but that would take away from the passion that has brought us where we are today. Two little girls that were childhood friends but later moved away, grew apart and move on. Then one day in 2009 one of the girls is diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she is now 39 with young children and long road ahead. She reaches out to old friends that had a great impact in her life. When the dear friend, now a mother of two as well, hears the news she has a story of her own to share. Her mother had just battled this disease and although cured from Breast Cancer lives with another type of cancer everyday. One girl the care taker and the other the patient. One daughter caring for their mother, one mother caring for their daughter. With much advice, encouragement and understanding the treatment begins. Surgery, chemo, radiation, medication. Not a day goes by that the two girls weren't and still aren't both grateful for the chance of another day to spend with family and friends. For one of the girls there was the thought of losing a mother and a friend and for the other the thought of not seeing her children grow up. While undergoing chemotherapy there was little chance for self pity, seeing young children suffering from so many diseases and knowing the pain in the families heart that they couldn't make it better. The exhaustion they are enduring and the fight the children are going through.

From our experience we understand not wanting to waste a minute of our life focused away from our family. The long days of appointments and procedures ahead, the comfort of having a home that is cleaned and maintained and the help with healing that has during the treatment. Our families have come so far and have now found a passion for helping families make the most of everyday. We realize that to make the most of our day involves helping others make the most of theirs.
May there always be tomorrow.

Now to 2012...we still work to serve as many families as possible and are still an all volunteer no fundraising network. We believe serving others is what we are called to do and pray for the families we are contacted by and for the companies that have a servants heart.

Since we started Cleaning with a Meaning we have had loads of attention and only hope that it gains more cleaning companies to help families suffering a devastating diagnosis.

We alsp wrote two children's books after my then 5 year old told Santa he only needed me to be better. I was inspired to write Santa's Secret Elf and now Merryam's Elfun Adventures to share that many kids need more than toys and games under the tree and what every families needs most is prayer.   Santa's Secret Elf shares the story of what Santa does when he gets letters asking for things he can't deliver.  "Make my mommy better "or "let my brother be healthy again." It's about an elf named Merryam that prays for what the kids needs while Santa makes what they want. It also have a free interactive website that we designed to be entertaining for all ages but focus on children that may be away from home during the holidays.

Please know that we try to contact companies in your area as soon as we get the request form. There are times and areas that we can't find a company and it is heartbreaking to know that we let a family down. While you wait to hear back please share your facebook page if you have one and we will be sure to add you to our prayer list. 

Blessings and Hugs

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