Cleaning With A Meaning
Caring For Families One Home at a Time


We hope that our volunteer based network can find a company to help each family that requests the service. Since we don't t do any fundraising and it is all volunteer based there may be areas we are aren't able to serve. Please know that we will do out best to call cleaning companies in your area and pray that they have a heart to serve.

The mission of Cleaning With A Meaning is to provide free Maid Service from local cleaning companies in cities across the country to families of children diagnosed with a serious illness. The strain of caring for an ill child along with other family members, finances and home is overwhelming. This will be one area that moms and dads don't have to feel guilty about neglecting anymore. We hope to offer up to 4 cleanings and it is at the discretion of the local cleaning service to continue at no charge or at a discounted rate. The families will be asked to Request Service via the website and Cleaning Companies will submit their information to be a provider via the internet as well.

For a family to qualify they can be referred to us by a hospital, charity, themselves, friends or doctor and will just email or fax a diagnosis confirmation. Then with in 5 days the local service provider will contact them to set up service.
To be a service provider the company must be licensed and insured. Require background checks and perform at least mop, sweep, dust vacuum, bath and kitchen cleaning duties. Additional service may be offered by the provider at their discretion.

Cleaning With A Meaning will not be responsible for duties not fulfilled or damages incurred during cleaning but will do their best to find another company in the area to offer service to the family. We will also do a simple screening of service companies before accepting them into our organization. Questions?
 Please email us at

If you can help us grow we would love to have you on board. Spread the word because there are families that need us right now.

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